Graceful Glance with Tasha Long

Today I want to introduce y’all to an amazing lady I have come to know and love! She is an amazing mom of 2, wife and friend! She has a heart of gold and if you have had the pleasure of ever meeting her you already know what I am talking about!!! To those of you that haven’t well you are fixing to know! So without further ado here she is the fabulous Miss Tasha Long!


(Family Photo: Haizlee, Jake, Tasha and Haven)

So as we start this weeks interview off with Tasha I want to give those of you that don’t know her a little more insight on who she is! She is the wife of 5x NFR team roping qualifier Jake Long, mother of 2 beautiful girls (who by the way I simply adore like non other!). They are from Kansas but winter down here in Texas just up the road from me! I am also so blessed to get to take their family pictures every June! Haha! I love when Tasha and I get together it seems like we could talk for days on end we talk about our faith, fashion, her kiddos and just so much more! We have this un canny way of running into each in Starbucks, I think it is starting to become some kind of habit! But let us dig in to Tasha’s interview and tips on how she gets ready for Las Vegas and the NFR!!!

Tasha2(Rare moment of the whole family hanging out at a rodeo! Rare for those of you that don’t know because Jake is normally in the rodeo!)

H: So Tasha as you start to prepare yourself, Jake and the girls for the NFR what is your first priority to pack?
T: Well to be honest, it’s my thieves cleaner! (Which basically disinfectant made by essential oils) I make sure we have enough to clean our entire hotel room and for spills along the way! Then all our needed clothes and accessories!

H: So when packing do you prepare your outfits for Vegas? Or do you just take everything and piece it together out there?
T: Well, I plan ahead so much it hurts! I try to have every outfit planned out down to the shoes and jewelry! It seems rough during packing time, but I feel like it helps me enjoy the process of getting ready each night with ease! Especially when getting my two sweet girls ready to head out!

That makes perfect sense to less stress! I am a taker of all things haha as much as I want to plan my outfits well it just doesn’t seem to work out like I want! But I so commend you for getting super organized and plus I loved helping you pick outfits out too! But back to the interview!

IMG_0524(Tasha and I last year at the NFR)

H: Do y’all do something  while you are in Vegas with your sweet girls, like any traditions?
T: Well we usually get there as early as we can so we have a family day before all the craziness begins! We usually play a few games at the hotel, visit the park, catch a movie and eat where they chose!

Oh my goodness how fun is that! I love that y’all do that! One of the things I always admire about you and Jake is how you guys take time for family! I know that that is super important to you guys as well!

Tasha5 (1)(Another sweet family photo)

H: I know Vegas is a little bit of a haul, how do you prepare for a long trip with 2 kids? Do y’all split it up into 2 days or just load up and try and get there?
T:  To be honest, I have the best two travelers so preparing is easy! They have traveled so much and know the routine! We pack books, games, movies and iPads! Both girls have their favorites and we play travel bingo too! We usually drive it in two days with the first day being the longest. We like to have a shorter drive on the second day to get there and unload! Usually pj’s are how they travel on day one since we start early and end late!
IMG_0534(Haven and Haiz all loaded up and ready to hit the road)

Tasha6(Haizlee won’t forget her favorite book either!)

H: Since we are on the topic of traveling, do you have any tips or advice for long trip and kids for new traveling moms?
T: I feel very blessed that both my girls are good travelers! It does make it easier on a mom when your little ones are happy in the car seat! Starting out is tougher cause kids don’t want to stay buckled the whole trip! We would just praise them for doing so well and take a few rest stops to let them move around! As they get older, you can reward them with new books or games!

That is such a great idea! I hope some of you mom’s loved that advice like I did! By the way be sure and check the link at the end of this interview and I will send you a link to my favorite place to order some AMAZING kid books!!! I have started a collection for both of my baby nephews!

(The girls and their sweet dog Chloe)

H: I know the days during the NFR can be a little hetic for y’all but could you take us through a typical day for you in Vegas?
T: A typical day for us can be running crazy or nice and quiet! It just depends on what we have planned that day! Breakfast is always in our room…so everyone can sleep as much as possible! We usually try and go with Jake at least one day to sign autographs so we can shop a little! Other days we are visiting with family or sight-seeing somewhere if we have time that day! Sometimes we go to the park or take a tram around! Once back to the room, we rest if time allows!! I like to grab a coffee as we head inside to prepare myself to dress three girls! We try to have everyone walk-out ready in time for a quick family picture! Then we head to the rodeo! Jake gets his horse ready and I help if needed! We then enjoy hanging out at The Bistro with Ted and Linda Wiese!

See y’all crazy crazy, it is like that for 10 straight days! Plus for those of you who do not know Ted and Linda Wiese they are so amazing. They cook and support the contestants and their families while at big rodeo events. While offering bible studies and prayer and just so much more! That’s is the short version they are truly amazing people with such a passion and heart for the contestants and their families!

FullSizeRender (1)

(Tasha hanging with her favorites!) 

Now for some fun fashion stuff which is one of my favorite topics of course!!

H: How would you describe your personal style?
T: My style would be semi-dressy with a comfy vibe! I wear pieces that are cute, but still kid friendly!  You never know when some little girl needs carried cause the walk is just too far!

H: Do you have a go-to day outfit that you normally end up wearing in Vegas?
T: My go-to day outfit would be a pair of skinny jeans paired with a cute top and short boots! I actually have day outfits planned also so I can grab and go enjoy the day!

See y’all she is so on top of things I love it! She should get a gold buckle for preparedness! Lol

12108243_1676986715906351_4958412294077737813_n(Tasha and I on Pink Night at the NFR last year!)

H: So what is a must in your purse for Vegas?
T: I usually pack everything, but try to lighten the load for this event! My purse will definitely have baby wipes…they are a must! We eat before the rodeo and seem to find some dirt along the way! I will keep it simple with baby wipes, lip gloss, phone, camera, and rodeo tickets!

H: What is your power scripture you use?
T: One of my favs is Joshua 1:9. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid nor dismayed, for the Lord you God is with you wherever you go.  It is so calming when I say it to myself…no matter what is going on…God is always with us!  I also enjoy Phil 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. It keeps me strong when I am feeling overwhelmed!

I simply love both of those scriptures Tash! They help me on a daily basis as well! Ok just a few more questions you have been so awesome but I just want to give readers just a little last glance into your life! Haha!

H: What is something that our readers may not know about you?
T: Well I am actually a school teach and school counselor!

What?! Wow I don’t think I even knew that haha! Surprise! That is so awesome coming from a family whose has a bunch of teachers I totally commend you!

H: Ok last but not least since we are both coffee lovers? You might have me beat though haha! But what is your favorite coffee to order?
T: This may be the hardest question to answer. I really like coffee! I will drink it anyway or at least try new things! Some days I enjoy sipping on an iced Americano with milk or indulge in a hot misto with toffee! Not too much sweet cause I’m sweet enough…lol!

Haha Tash that is awesome!!! See ladies and gentlemen she is awesome with a great sense of humor! Tasha thank you thank you thank you for taking the time away from getting ready for the NFR to interview with me and let us in on just a glance of your life! You are truly such an amazing woman and I am extremely grateful God has brought us together as friends!!! We speak blessings over you, Jake and the girls as you prepare to leave! I hope y’all enjoyed taking a Graceful Glance into Tasha’s life! So as Haven is showing us work the runway of life like nobody’s business! Let God be #1 in your life and know that you can do ALL things through Him who strengthens you!! Work it girls!
Hannah Leigh

(Haven showing us how to work it!)

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