Countdown To Vegas With Courtney Motes

For those of you just tuning in…
I am so excited to do a countdown to Vegas and the NFR this year, with some fun short blog posts with amazing friends! I have asked 6 of my friends who are no strangers to the Vegas scene to help us! All of these ladies are continually styling, smiling and loving God! Each day I will feature a new woman leading up to Round 1! I asked each of these ladies 3 quick questions, because I know they all have a lot to do in preparation for their travels to Vegas! So without further ado lets get this thing started!!!


Today I want to introduce y’all to one truly amazing woman! I believe there are not enough words to describe this beautiful lady! Her insides defiantly shine on the outside! She is the wife of 4x NFR Qualifying Heeler Ryan Motes and momma to Scooter and Piper their precious puppies!! I truly love her style she can rock just about any look she wants to, to be honest! I recently saw her rock an all leather outfit and yes it was amazing on her! Haha! (Be sure and check out #RodeoFame ‘s Vegas issue!) She has such a big heart for people though, she would do just about anything for anyone. But this beauty also knows how to have fun too! I love just being around! So without any further delay let me have the pleasure to introduce you all to my amazing and beautiful friend Courtney Motes!


(Courtney and Ryan ready for an amazing night out!)

Question #1 What are 3 things that are a must for your purse for Vegas?
C: Lip gloss, money and phone!

(Those are all sooo key!)

Question #2 What is your favorite place to eat in Vegas?
C: There are so many! I’m excited about Crat Steakhouse!

(Oh my goodness girl!! Yes that is one of my favorites too!! It is totally amazing! If y’all are in the MGM be sure and hit this place up!!!)

Question #3 What is your favorite scripture? 
C: 1 Corinthians 13:7-8a Love it! “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails…”

(Oh how I love this one! Love never fails His love for us is beyond what we can imagine. This is why we must always trust in Him! He truly has our backs!)

Courtney thank you so so much for taking the time from all your busy doings getting ready for the NFR to stop by and help us countdown! You are truly amazing and I can not wait to see your amazing outfits especially pink night! #FearTheGoatee


(Courtney and Ryan with there amazing and supportive family and friends!)

Let’s all stand in agreement and pray for Courtney and Ryan as they are in preparation for 10 amazing rounds in Las Vegas! Thank you Lord for your guidance and protection over them! We thank you Lord that you love, peace and joy spreads over them both. We also thank you for a prosperous 10 rounds this year as well! In Jesus might name we all agree and say Amen!

Only 2 MORE DAYS!!! Wahoo! I hope y’all are enjoying this fun countdown!

**Join Us Again Tomorrow To See Who Will Join Us!**

Hannah Leigh


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