Countdown To Vegas With Bobbie Tryan

For those of you just tuning in…
I am so excited to do a countdown to Vegas and the NFR this year, with some fun short blog posts with amazing friends! I have asked 6 of my friends who are no strangers to the Vegas scene to help us! All of these ladies are continually styling, smiling and loving God! Each day I will feature a new woman leading up to Round 1! I asked each of these ladies 3 quick questions, because I know they all have a lot to do in preparation for their travels to Vegas! So without further ado lets get this thing started!!!


I can hardly believe it! The time has come only 1 more day until Round 1?! Wow that got here fast!! But, you know what that means? Yes 1 more Countdown to Vegas feature with one of my favorite people! This lady is no stranger to Living In Grace & Style blog! She’s also no stranger to the fashion world! She has so many gifts in fashion! She seriously rocks the statement pieces, weather it be flash tattoos or amazing jewelry! She also knows how to mix what’s trending with rodeo fashion! She is one classy lady and I can not wait to see all the amazing outfits she puts together! She is the wife of 3x World Champion Header Clay Tryan and mother of Tyler, Braylon and Dash Tryan! She to me is the epitomy of a super mom/ wife! While rocking an amazing look she can whip up an amazing dinner, warm up horses, run chutes, home school her kids and still be there for her bestie! See super woman! Haha! Her fashion style is best describe as on the edge of trending! Let me explain!  I have noticed she will start wearing certain looks or styles and soon enough you’ll see lots of others rocking similar styles or pieces! So needless to say when I am in need of inspiration she is my go to source!! As many of you know with your own best friends you can sell how amazing they are to others all day long so let me wrap this up and get to the good stuff!! I am blessed and so so honored to introduce y’all to Bobbie Tryan!!

(Bobbie and Clay with Tyler, Dash and Braylon looking amazing at this year’s Back Number Presentstion Last Night) 

Question # 1 What are 3 musts for your purse for Vegas? 

B: Lipstick, kids ropes and my video camera.

(Like I said Fashionable, SuperMom and got her man’s back! Haha!) 

Question #2 What is your favorite place to eat in Vegas? 

B: Vegas is an amazing food city. There’s no way I can only pick one place! I love Craft for an awesome steak. Shake Shack is my favorite place to eat a burger. And there are so many more plus a lot of new places I want to try this year.

(Oh man am I ever excited for Shake Shack!! I seriously love that place!)

Question #3 What is your favorite scripture? 

B: 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

(I love this scripture so much He is always with us so we need not fear. We need to trust in Him and His strength like we have said all week Faith!)

Thank you so much Bobbie for taking the time out of your busy day with final preparations for the beginning of round 1! We are grateful to you and all the amazing ladies who joined us on this year’s fun countdown!!!

Let’s all stand in agreement and pray for Bobbie, Clay, Tyler, Braylon and Dash for an amazing next 11 days of total peace, love joy and health! We thank you Lord as well for a prosperous 10 rounds here at the NFR this year. We also thank you for your protection over everything and everyone. In Jesus mighty name we all agree and say Amen!!

Thank all y’all who have stuck with us these last 6 days as we have counted down to Round 1 of the NFR here in Vegas!! Be on the look out for some more fun blogs and fashion pictures up on my Facebook/ Twitter pages over these next couple weeks! May all of y’all keep stylin’, smilin’ and lovin’ God!!


Hannah Leigh


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