It Starts With You


Hello and Happy Summer my amazing readers!! As we begin our summer and we see all the things happening and going on in the world around us right now it has inspired me. Yes! I said inspire me! Let me tell you why… because, even with all the hate crimes and the bad things happening in the world around us right now, I have chosen to do and show just the opposite! I have personally always been a little different in the sense that I tend to try and be pretty optimistic, most of the time. So, instead of voicing my opinion about the many different situations going on right now, I have tried to take it upon myself to show more kindness towards others and try to spread more joy. Sometimes, and I’ll admit it because let’s be real for a moment, it is not always easy to do, especially when your worn down, tired and just want to be home in your sweats snuggled up and zoned out watching a movie! Haha! By bringing more joy and more kindness to others around you though, it begins to become more and more contagious. Let me show you an example! You remember the viral video of Candace? The joyful lady from Texas who simply decided to buy a mask because she thought it would be fun to have and it lit up her life? She just sat there and laughed and laughed. Which, caused anyone who was watching the video to laugh as well! The first time I watched the video I laughed so hard I cried. It wasn’t because of the mask, it was because of her joyful laugh becoming so contagious it made me laugh! Joy spills out onto others just as a bad mood does or being rude. If you are in a bad mood ever notice some of that rubbing off onto others. Hmmm….


So, instead of lashing out towards others and declaring vengeance on them or something they have done lets all choose do to do the very opposite. When it comes down to it anyway our idea of revenge can not solve problems people. The only thing it really can do is escalate them!! Hence, what’s going on around us! So right now I am going to challenge you!! Because, it really starts with YOU! Be kind to those around you even if in your mind they don’t deserve it let me tell you THEY DO! We all deserve to be treated kindly. Spread more joy and laughter because even in your worst circumstances getting mad is again only going to make things worse or not get the problem solved so just skip that step and laugh and make it happen! Proverbs 17:22 says… “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” So, instead of giving into all the temptations of going with the crowd and calling people names for not thinking or acting the way you do, or talking bad about people in certain situations that you honestly have no idea what exactly went on in those very moments that caused something bad to happen, or lastly to spread the gossip about someone just because you heard something from someone. Do the very opposite I am calling you out and challenging you to instead PRAY for those people hurting in those bad situations, PRAY for the lost and broken hearted people because they need someone to pray for them.You may be the only person praying for them. Even SMILE at the old man looking lonely or sad in Walmart. You can even HELP the little lady in the wheel chair get something high off that shelf. That is how we make a positive difference! I challenge you to start sharing and spreading the love and kindness! As Momma Jo says quit feeding the enemy what he wants to see!! So, quit feeding the violence with violence, quit feeding the hatred with more hate, and quit feeding the gossip with more gossip! It only hurts people! Think how you would feel if you were in their shoes! Hurt people hurt people! So lets all choose not to do that!  Remember, it all starts with You!!! Be the change you want to see! You may be thinking I am just one person how can I make a difference! Oh my sweet reader that is how it all starts is with just one person! Just think if the only thing you did in your life was help make a difference in 1 person’s life by showing them a little kindness on a day when they maybe hurting the most and wanting to do something stupid to somebody or to themselves and because you showed them a little kindness it turned their day or life around. Well then I would say then YES it is worth it!!! So, with that I am bringing this blog to an end I am hoping and praying over you as you read this that God will show you how to share and spread the Love & Joy that this world is so in need of! That He will fill you up, so you can overflow into others! I pray that you have a safe and amazing week full of God’s grace, love and protection! In Jesus name Amen! Love you guys!!! Keep Stylin’ Smilin’ & Lovin’ God! Until Next Week!!!

Hannah Leigh 


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