Graceful Glance with Brooklyn McIntosh

I am really excited to start this summer’s Graceful Glance interview series!! I believe in lifting others up, sharing their personal story to show how amazing God is in their lives and businesses all while looking fashionably fabulous!! Women empowering other women is so important, because lifting others up and showing their strengths and not their weaknesses is very powerful! My desire and dream is to help encourage and share with the world these amazing and incredible women and their God given talents! So, that we might all learn from each other on how to be strong, fearless and world changers if we simply chose to be!

So with that being said let’s dive into our first interviewee!!! I am beyond excited to share this woman’s story and heart with y’all. I have gotten to know her a little bit through her social media account on Instagram “JunkyJewelz” (be sure and go follow her promise you won’t be disappointed). She has a big heart and pretty sure it is made of gold, she has a desire to help women be who God created them to be! Also I adore her style! During last year’s NFR in Las Vegas, is when I noticed her and her style and fell in love with her funky yet chic style. She is currently in the Weatherford, TX area where her and her husband have Warbonnet Hat Works, Junky Jewelz and raise their precious daughter! So without any further ado let me introduce you to the amazing Brooklyn McIntosh!

IMG_1494 (1)
(Brooklyn showing us how to look fearlessly fabulous at the 2015 NFR)

H: How long have you had your business?
Well Dan started Warbonnet Hat Works in Nov 2014, but it wasn’t until April of this year that he brought me on to do the majority of the ladies hats.

H: Who inspired you to start your business? 
B: Katy Jade Hall has helped motivate me to take women’s hats further than anyone has done so far in that industry, she was our first supporter and she always has a hat on with her funky western style, leading me to think outside the box on all the new hats I create.

(Wow that is is so awesome and so sweet! She does rock an amazing style and I do love her hats!!)

H: Did you have to seek any advice from anyone to get started? 
B: Dan has walked me through the whole process of making hats and been very supportive in helping me get started. Most days I’m sure he wants to scream if I ask another question, but he never does. 

(What a great husband and support system you have girl!)

(Brooklyn doing her thing and putting those extra special touches on a custom hat)

H: How did you learn to make your jewelry and hats? 
B: Dan helped me a lot like I said, but I started making jewelry almost 10 years ago and I really just taught myself. The style of jewelry has changed so much over those 10 years but I try to keep teaching myself new techniques to stay up with the trends and even to create my own. 
H: What are 2 of your favorite things in your store right now?

B: Well I don’t get to keep any hats that I make since we are mostly a custom hat shop but one of my favorites that I made was Rachel McGinn’s yellow distressed hat with the beaded hat band. I have been so busy making hats I haven’t had a chance to make any new jewelry in awhile. 

IMG_1498 (1)
(Wow I so love this especially paired with the beaded hat band!)

H: What is the best part of your business?

B: Working along side my husband and being able to stay home with our daughter.

H: What challenges have you faced and how did God help you get through them? 
B: Sometimes it can be tough to be a mom and have so many projects going on at one time. I just ask God for strength and to remember what’s most important.

(Brooklyn and her beautiful daughter looking amazing and rodeo ready!) 

H: What is a scripture you stood on or are standing on while building your business? 
B: 2 Cor 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight. If you would have told me a few years ago I would be making custom felt hats I would have laughed, but God had a plan. I only needed to have faith and trust Him.

(Haha, He always has plans that make us turn around later and laugh! I agree you though we just need to have faith and trust in Him that He will help us get where we need to be.)
H: Do you have something on your heart that you would like to share with our readers ? 

B: I think it’s so important these days to be comfortable with who God made you to be. I think the days in which we live in now girls are always comparing themselves to each other, or trying to be like someone else or bring consumed with how many people likes our photo on gets on social media, or even putting filters on our pictures because we are not comfortable with just being ourselves. This breaks my heart and it’s something I have to check myself daily on. Psalms 139:14 is one of my favorite verses on this subject it says: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul know etch right well. God made you to be you, He made you just the way you are and He makes no mistakes.

(Brooklyn well put in my books! Exactly what has been on my heart as well we have to know we are enough and through Him all things are possible!)

IMG_1499 (1)
(Brooklyn and her friend at the Cowgirl Museum’s Boots and Bling)

Now time for some Fashion 


H: How would you describe your style?
B: I would say funky yet modest. 
H: What is your favorite go to summer outfit or style?
B: I’m loving the long sheer kimonos with shorts, sandals and a tank. It’s way to hot here to add to many layers right now, so no matter what I’ve got to be cool. 
(Oh I am totally loving this look as well!!)

H: Do you have any beauty secrets you’d like to share with our readers?

B: A couple of things I’ve learned over the last year are when wearing tee’s always find a small part to tuck in the front of your shorts or pants it’s so much cuter than leaving a shirt hanging. I also think it’s a must to fold a cuff at the bottom of the legs on any skinny jean. That little detail adds so much style. 

(Oh yes the tuck and the cuff!!! I totally agree I love both of these details although I am still working on mastering that tuck! haha)

H: What is your fashion weakness? 
B: I would say my fashion weakness is makeup I’m just now getting into the whole makeup thing at 29! 
H: Who is someone you look up to fashion wise? 

B: I have a few people that I love their style and I know I’m not alone in this but I love Katy Jade Hall’s style, Bobbie Tryan and Adrian Brannan to name just a few.

(Most definitely not alone in these areas! All 3 of these women know how to bring and put their own special touches on an outfit and make it simply amazing!)

H: What is 1 piece of advice you could offer readers about fashion? 

B: Create your own style don’t always be consumed with being like everyone else. God created you to be you!

I couldn’t agree anymore with that statement and it is like you said something I do have to check myself daily on! Brooklyn thank you so very much for taking the time out of your busy life to be a part of my tonight’s blog! You are truly amazing girl! Ladies and gentlemen I hope you are as inspired as I am with tonight’s blog! Knowing that if you walk by faith and not by sight you can accomplish anything in front of you! Be it insecurities, fashion, dreams, jobs ect. with God ALL things are possible. Brooklyn I believe showed us that tonight as well as encouraged us to be the best version of us we can be! You are enough ladies and gentlemen!! So with that Happy Sunday and may this week bring you many sweet blessings, a whole lot of love and grace, so you can rock that style!!

Hannah Leigh

**ALSO just a little side note but be sure go like Warbonnet_Hat_Works on Instagram to stay up to date with their hats and trends! Their website will be launching in T-Minus 13 days**


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