2nd Annual Countdown 2 Vegas

dsc_5248-2(Top/Choker/ Buckle from Redford Ranch)

Hey my amazing readers! I am so excited for our 2nd Annual Countdown to Vegas! We are 6 days out from the Wrangler NFR and who is ready for a fun year or Rodeo, Fashion and Friends! This girl right here is! I think Western Fashion has really exploded over the last year and I am really excited to see everyone and see all the amazing fashion brought by totally fabulous women! One thing to remember ladies is to stay true to who you are and just rock your amazing self!! As we kick off this countdown instead of going last I thought I would go first this year! Here is my must pack necessities to survive Vegas! Especially if you will be out there for the whole duration!

First off Blister Band-Aids 
Girls yes these are the key to survival in heels in Vegas. If you know where your heels will rub go ahead and put one of these bad boys there before it gets bad, you will be glad you did. Find at Walmart/ CVS/ Walgreens

 2 Epsom Salt
This is amazing for all those long days on your feet especially you beauties that are working. Take a soak in this to help the soreness or even just your feet!
Find at any market/ drugstore (You can get when you get out there to there is a CVS right next to the Thomas and Mack on the corner of Harmon & Paradise)


3 Bobby Pins/ Clear Elastics / Safety Pins
Haha seems like a duh but its always nice to go ahead and stock up on these because well they are kind of like socks they disappear fast lol!


4 Inserts for your shoes/heels
There are a few different kinds depending on what you need but these honestly really help save your feet. Choose the one or ones where there is the most pressure applied to your foot and I promise these will not disappoint! Save those feet you need them until you can wear those Uggs all the way home when you go on a fashion strike! lol!

5 Eye Cream/ Eye Cloths 
These are a couple of my personal essentials from Rodan +Fields! These are life savers to me girls! Especially the eye cloths double as a makeup remover and the eye cream helps keep you and your eyes feeling and looking fresh and takes the puffiness away! If you need some holler at me!


6 Chapstick/ Lip Moisturizer
A great moisturizer or chapstick is super great to have in the dry weather of Vegas to help keep your lips staying hydrated and not to look chapped or cracked! My favorites again I sell with Rodan + Fields!


7 Little Umbrella
I know you are thinking really? This girl must be crazy now, but I promise Vegas weather is seriously unpredictable you never really know exactly what it will be like and one of these little guys might just save that beautiful hair do you spent an hour curling or working on. Plus it fits right in your purse and is super nice to use running in and out of trade shows and the rodeo if it is raining or snowing. (Yes I did say snow it has done it 2x before I’m telling you predictably, but watch it be a year it doesn’t rain or anything. If it does I promise you I’ll be prepared!)


8 Mini Sewing Kit
I think this is a given why you need this little guy, you just never know, always be prepared I like to say!


9 Fold Up Flats
We all know those heels are not comfortable forever and sometimes a heel breaks or you just never know but packing a pair of these will help save you for those just in case moments. ( This is just a simple easy brand but you can find a bunch online even Amazon! But this pair is like $6/7


10 Last But Not Least Fashion Tape
Ok ladies! Yes this is great to have to help you stay classy for those low cut blouse or even to help keep things in check! No uh oh moments! Haha!


This was totally fun to help give y’all a little must have list for surviving Vegas and the Wrangler NFR! I want to thank Janzen my friend and fellow blogger for helping me put this together! She had a little insight to go along with my 11 years experience. Together we are here to help y’all survive! Be sure to follow her as well at www.RodeoVogue.com and @RodeoVogue on Instagram! She’s amazing and her fashion sense is stunning I can not wait to see her NFR Fashion as well as she will be joining us here on the countdown this year! Excited to see everyone out there and always remember, every good and perfect gift comes from above. (James 1:17) That includes your amazing self and you are perfect just the way you are!

Hannah Leigh 


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