Countdown 2 Vegas with Ranchers Roadie Ashley

We are officially 5 Days away from the Wrangler NFR! Seriously are y’all ready? The excitement is most definitely in the air! I am excited to bring back my Countdown to Vegas where I enlist in the help of some of my amazing fashionista friends for their thoughts and opinions because let’s face it we all draw inspiration from each other! Plus it’s fun to connect with different people with amazing and different styles! Today I have asked fellow and up and coming blogger Ranchers Roadie Ashley! I have gotten to know this beauty through Insta fashion! I love her style and she most definitely has a heart of gold! Let’s see what some of her musts and advice are for Vegas!


H: What are you looking forward to in Vegas? 

A: I am definitely looking forward to all the fashion. The western world has BLOWN up and has taken a whole new spin. Everyone has learned to emprace their own style and I LOVE it! ❤❤❤

H: What is your favorite place to eat in Vegas? 

A: I love Toby Keith Bar and Grill. It is good food and a fun atmosphere. I am wanting to check out Heart Attack Grill this year!!

H: What is a must see or do in Vegas?

A: You must go check out the Vinitian Mall. Even if your broke it is fun to eww and aww over all the designer digs.

(I could not agree more if you have never been to the Vinitian it is such a stunning hotel!)

H: 1 must have for a first timer to pack to survive Vegas? 

A: Comfy walking shoes. The traffic is awful and it is 90% walking. Also have a open mind (it is a whole different world).

H: What trend are you most crushing on for Vegas? 

A: Definitely the boho hippy vibe with a mix of rock and roll. It is a fun mix of 70s and 80s. I love it!
H: 1 piece of style advice for Vegas fashion in your opinion? 

A: My greatest advice is to be you! Don’t try and blend it with all the girls. Own your style and rock it!

I could not agree more with that Ashley!! Thank you so much for being a part of this years Countdown to Vegas! Ladies if you see this stunning beauty in Vegas be sure to go say hi to her I know she would love to meet you! Also you can follow her on her blog Ranchers Roadie and follow her on Instagram @RanchersRoadie you will not be disappointed either I love following her and her style! Check Back with us tomorrow to see who will be joining us!

Hannah Leigh 

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