Countdown 2 Vegas Rodeo Vogue Janzen

I can hardly believe it y’all we are 4 days away I repeat 4 days away from this year’s Wrangler NFR! Holy smokes where did the time go this year?! It has flown by so fast and in this amazing year I have become closer friends with fellow blogger and Bleacher Babe Squad member Janzen Riley Jackson aka Rodeo Vogue! If you are not following this beautiful babe what are you waiting for! Not only does she have an amazing eye for Western Fashion but she also has a heart of gold and you will not be disappointed following her you will definitely be inspired! You can follow her blog here Rodeo Vogue and on Instagram at @RodeoVogue . She has some fun and amazing things going on in Vegas and you won’t want to miss out on knowing the inside scoop. But let’s dig in and see what advice she has for us for Vegas along with some of her favorites!


H: What are you looking forward to in Vegas?
J: I’m looking forward to several things. Watching Cody rope at the World Series Finale, a release of custom dress hats at American Hat World, and getting to see Dwight Yoakam in concert. And of course catching up with a lot friends.

H: What is your favorite place to eat in Vegas?
J: This is a super hard question I’m such a foodie but I love Cabo Wabo. You really you can’t go wrong with any place in Vegas though. I could name so many more.

H: What is a must see or do in Vegas?
J: If it’s your first time definitely watch the water show at Bellagio, take a stroll down the strip during the day and at night and last but not least go to Fremont street it’s super cool there!

H: What is 1 must have for a first timer to pack to survive Vegas?
J: Hangers. Really weird I know but I can’t stand wrinkled clothes and if you are there with multiple people in the room or longer than the weekend they are such an essential piece to have. Steam your clothes with the iron in your room for a polished style.

(Oh my gosh yes I totally forgot about hangers! I am not a first timer and I forgot to pack these! Guess I will get that done tomorrow! ) 

H: What trend are you most crushing on for Vegas?
CRUSHED VELVET!!! I don’t think I have to say more. I’m all Stoney LaRue over here cover me in velvet!

H: What is 1 piece of style advice for Vegas fashion in your opinion?
More than anything stay true to you! Yes, Vegas is fun to get to dress up but if you try and change your entire look just for it then you most likely won’t enjoy your time there because you’ll be to busy fussing with your clothes. Just jazz your personal style up and have fun!

I could not agree anymore! Thank you so much Janzen girl for joining us on tonight’s Countdown 2 Vegas! Ladies do not forget to follow this beautiful babe you will not want to miss her Vegas outfits I promise! I may or may not have had a sneak peek of some outfits!
Hannah Leigh


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