Countdown 2 Vegas- The Rodeo Mrs.

3rd Annual Countdown 2 Vegas- 7 Days
Featuring Fashionista
The Rodeo Mrs 

Let’s Get To Know Andrea A Little Better…


H: What are you looking forward to at this year’s Wrangler NFR?
A: I’m really looking forward to meeting my blogging and business friends! Last year was my first NFR as a western fashion blogger, and being brand new to the industry, I felt shy. After an amazing year of new friendships, collaborations and partnerships, I am SO excited to meet the awesome people in the industry who are all coming together to enjoy our passion for rodeo in one place – Vegas, baby!

H:  What trends are you looking forward to seeing this year?
A: My favorite styles are always a mix between high end, designer pieces and vintage, thrift store finds. I feel like so many girls have embraced this style full throttle this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity that comes from mixing those one-of-a-kind finds together. Also, since we’re into the colder months, I’ll be looking for the luxe details that come with holiday fashion – fur, embroidery, rich colors and fabrics. I’m all about looks that are over-the-top, one-of-a-kind and classic to boot.
H: What is a must see or do in Las Vegas?
A: Hands down, my favorite event of the week is the Hooey party! It’s the best kept secret on the strip. If you want incredible country music and a big dance floor in an iconic location at the Brooklyn Bowl, make sure you get on the list ahead of time. There’s even a bowling alley if you just want to hang out and listen to the music!
H: What is a must have for first timers in Vegas?
A: This might be a little practical, but get a ticket for the monorail as soon as you get there. It’s 30-some dollars for a four day pass – you’ll save so much money on cab fees, plus you can get from MGM all the way to the convention center in a matter of minutes. It was such a time and money saver, and you can get on from multiple places on the strip. Bonus perk: you can wear your cute shoes without killing your feet walking from one hotel to another.
H: What is 1 piece of style advice for Vegas?
A:  Pack classic pieces. You’ve only got so much room in your bag (unfortunately) so make use of it by packing things that work with multiple outfits. Pick stand out pieces that work with a rockin’ pair of jeans, palazzo pants, a leather jacket or classic turquoise.
H: What is your favorite place to eat?

A: Sushi Kaya, hands down! If you’re like me and love a good sushi roll, you won’t mind the cab ride off the strip for this awesome all-you-can-eat sushi joint. It’s an intimate, family setting, reasonably priced and tons of fun. They serve everything in half rolls so you can try the whole menu, not to mention your dessert is included!

Andrea thank you girl so much for joining us with some fun advice, I might need to try that sushi place! Yum! You are so amazing and readers if you are not following her you really need too! This girl has some amazing heart and a pretty fly style! I will post her social media handles below! You will not regret following her this beautiful lady is going places!! Only 7 Days until that big main event and Round 1!
Hannah Leigh

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