Countdown 2 Vegas- Alexis Bloomer

3rd Annual Countdown 2 Vegas- 6 Days
Featuring The Lady That Can Do Anything
Alexis Bloomer


First, off if you do not know this amazing lady you will want to! She is not only CEO of Breaking Records Media, she is an author, journalist, obviously a gorgeous model, an amazing role model, creator of the #GoodGirlMovenment. Well she’s just stellar and can do anything she puts her mind too! I am so grateful we became friends over promoting kindness and trying to help others become who they are meant to be by being themselves! Check out her advice and favorite places!

H: What are you looking forward to at this year’s Wrangler NFR? 
A: I am so excited because my book, Good Girl, Bad World is launching at the WNFR! This is always the most exciting time of the year because 1) I get to watch Sage compete and I know how hard he has worked throughout the year 2) I love getting to see all my friends are be ‘neighbors’ with them for a week and lastly, I love the fashion and the glam of Las Vegas!

H: What trends are you looking forward to seeing this year?
A: Personally, I love that the styles are becoming classic and elegant again. I feel like we have seen a shift in fashion over the past few months and I’m hoping to see a lot of velvet, satin and feathers. I feel like timeless pieces always make the biggest statement.

H: What is a must see or do in Las Vegas?
 A: The Fountains at Bellagio are so iconic to me, I love hearing the water flow to the beat of the music. Also, my favorite mall is in Vegas, Cesar’s Palace Forum Shops, they are so upscale and fun. Even if you don’t shop, the architecture is amazing. Most importantly, the rodeo! That’s why we’re all in Vegas, so take the time to celebrate our Western Heritage at the Thomas and Mack!

H: What is a must have for first timers in Vegas?
I’m in Vegas for over 15 days during the WNFR and I have some necessities: Zostrix Foot Cream (It is a miracle cream that takes away all foot pain), Water (sounds crazy but with the busy days, it is easy to get dehydrated) and a humidifier for your hotel room (Sage swears by this and it has been a live saver every year, a worthy investment).


H: What is 1 piece of style advice for Vegas?
A: Just be yourself. You don’t have to wear things that are in style, it’s important to embrace being one of a kind. Vegas celebrates uniqueness, so don’t try to blend in. This is the one time of the year when you’re allowed to be authentic and your authenticity will be celebrated. 

I love when women have the courage to not follow the trends and instead they wear what they feel most confident in—that is what fashion is all about. 

H: What is your favorite place to eat? 
A: I love MGM room service breakfast (it is honestly the best breakfast I’ve ever had, no judgement please), but I also love Carmine’s in the Forum Shops and Wolfgang Puck at the MGM Grand.

Alexis I can not thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be a part! If y’all have not heard yet she will be signing and releasing her newest book God Girl, Bad World. Check out her social media accounts posted below to see where she will be. 7 days until we here that sweet National Anthem and watch the first horse buck!

Hannah Leigh

Breaking Records Media
AlexisBloomer – Instagram
Good Girl Movement- Instagram
Break Records Media – Instagram 

Alexis and Her Man Sage! Catch Her Cheering Him On During The NFR!

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